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#2 Testing UI Components

In this episode, Mirjam Bäuerlein, Roman Kuba, and Vanessa Böhner talked about how to test UI Components like Vue, React or Svelte components. They discussed when they 'shallowMount' and 'mount' components, and when they mock or don't mock API requests, stores, or other dependencies. Roman and Mirjam tell stories about performance issues, whereas Vanessa never experiences those problems working on a micro-frontend bases project in the last couple of months. On the contrary, she and her teams needed strict rules about what exactly one component or one unit is.




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#1 Cypress: E2E Testing

Dave, Mirjam and Vanessa had a closer look at the E2E testing tool Cypress (Cypress.io). First, they clarified what E2E Testing is and which role those tests play in the Testing Pyramid. They discussed the pain points other End To End Testing Suites like Selenium. But is Cypress the perfect newcomer on the market or is it just another hype? They talked about the weak points of the library, too.